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Ahead, visualization, and adaptation

We use advanced technologies in our developments with high knowledge

Global challenges

LAB ICT services and solutions facing global challenges, such as: technological transformation, adaptation, resilience, decarbonization, climate change and sustainability. 


In our services, we use different technologies applied, and we develop display solutions, and analytic dynamic data, experiences in reality immersive meets environments, physical and virtual. The services are divided into the following areas:


Urban planning and territorial

We apply Knowledge planning that accelerates and optimizes the processes of planning with the use of Artificial Intelligence. We develop master plans, plans of action and adaptation.

Sustainable architecture

Development of projects and solutions for the decarbonization with the use of immersive technologies.


We make solutions for measurement, analysis, and adaptation to companies and institutions with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint and climate change adaptation.

Smart cities

Development of solutions for smart cities with extensive use and advanced data science and artificial intelligence.

Gov Tech

Services strategies and solutions to technological innovation for the public sector in citizen participation, e-governance and digital twins.

Technologies and methodologies

Technologies and methodologies applied in our projects and developments are the following:

01. Artificial intelligence
02. Digital twins
03. Virtual reality and immersive
04. Building Information Modeling (BIM)
05. SPIM (Spatial Planning Information Modeling)
06. 3D printing


Our services include multi-sector for companies in the construction industry, mining, agriculture, tourism, seeking to adapt to sustainable development. In addition, provide the public sector with solutions in Gov Tech for different scales (urban and regional).